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Mashle: Magic and Muscles, Vol. 1

By: Hajime Komoto
Rating: ★★☆☆☆
Series: マッシュル-MASHLE- (#1)
Summary: In the magic realm, magic is everything—everyone can use it, and one’s skill determines their social status. Deep in the forest, oblivious to the ways of the world, lives Mash. Thanks to his daily training, he’s become a fitness god. When Mash is discovered, he has no choice but to enroll in magic school, where he must beat the competition without revealing his secret—he can’t use magic!

Mash just wants to live in peace with his father in the forest. But the only way he’ll ever be accepted in the magic realm is by attending magic school and becoming a Divine Visionary—an exceptional student revered as one the chosen. But without an ounce of magic to his name, Mash will have to punch his way to the top spot.

Review: Their skill in the magic realm determines a person's social status. Magic is everything. Deep in the forest, oblivious to worldly ways, lives Mash. Because of his daily training, he's become a fitness god. Upon discovering his secret, Mash is forced to enroll in a magic school, where he must beat the competition without revealing his secret. For how long can he keep it a secret?

I don't know how I feel about Mash. A part of me appreciates its mix of Black Clover and Harry Potter with undertones of Dragon Ball Z. You could call it a parody of the three. The author is also a fan of One (the (creator of One Punch Man and Mob Psycho 100). However, there are also aspects to it I don't like—for example, the oversimplification of the characters and the over-the-top humor. The artwork could be more consistent, and I feel that the creators have rushed the story.

The author's writing style is like One's but lacks details that make his stories enjoyable. The story is flat, with the main character using deadpan jokes and the supporting characters finding his physicality funny. The parody must provide more detail on the artwork, as it is essential.

While similar to One's, the author's creative style falls short of the originality and detail expected of a parody. The storyline is also predictable and lacks any twists or surprises. The humor is stale and cannot add entertainment value to the book. The book needs more creativity and cleverness to make it an enjoyable read.

This series is not for me.