My Reading Brain

Little Witch Academia, Vol. 1

By: Yoh Yoshinari, Keisuke Sato (Visual Art)
Series: Little Witch Academia (#1)
Summary: "Reach out your hand, and your story will begin!"

Those words changed young Atsuko "Akko" Kagari forever, sparking in her a lifelong dream of becoming a real witch. Now she's been accepted to the same school as her childhood hero, Shiny Chariot-the prestigious Luna Nova Witchcraft Academy. As the only student to come from a non-magical family, Akko finds herself surrounded by prodigies from around the world, but giving up isn't in her vocabulary. Whether it's making friends, proving the doubters wrong, or just flying on a broom, Akko is going to make her fantasy a reality!

Review: In my mind, I imagined a story about a girl who has no idea of magic and enrolls in a magic academy to learn spells, potions, and how to fly on a broom. The occasional adventure is also part of the package. That's what I gathered from the title and synopsis. In this case, we only see a little magic or learn how this particular magic system works as it goes straight to the adventure part.

As for the characters need to be better developed; they fit only a few predetermined features and do not grow (the dreamer, weirdo, etc.). Since this is the first volume, the manga should spend more time getting to know and developing the characters. As I understand it, this manga is adapted from an anime, so the anime (which I have yet to see) may do a better job. Still, they might want to warn readers that they need to see it before reading the manga because I do not think they are just working independently.

The art was middle-of-the-road and a little hard to follow with my eyes. The character designs are okay, but nothing too special. The story's pacing is slow, lacking an engaging plot. The manga is decent, but I recommend watching the original anime to get the whole experience.