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By: Aya Shouoto
Summary: A damsel in distress takes on the dragon herself in this epic twist on classic fantasy—a groundbreaking collaboration between New York Times bestselling author Evelyn Skye and the team behind the upcoming Netflix film Damsel, starring Millie Bobby Brown.

Elodie never dreamed of a lavish palace or a handsome prince. Growing up in the famine-stricken realm of Inophe, her deepest wish was to help her people survive each winter. So when a representative from a rich, reclusive kingdom offers her family enough wealth to save Inophe in exchange for Elodie’s hand in marriage, she accepts without hesitation. Swept away to the glistening kingdom of Aurea, Elodie is quickly taken in by the beauty of the realm—and of her betrothed, Prince Henry.

But as Elodie undertakes the rituals to become an Aurean princess, doubts prick at her mind as cracks in the kingdom’s perfect veneer begin to show: A young woman who appears and vanishes from the castle tower. A parade of torches weaving through the mountains. Markings left behind in a mysterious “V.” Too late, she discovers that Aurea’s prosperity has been purchased at a heavy cost—each harvest season, the kingdom sacrifices its princesses to a hungry dragon. And Elodie is the next sacrifice.

This ancient arrangement has persisted for centuries, leading hundreds of women to their deaths. But the women who came before Elodie did not go quietly. Their blood pulses with power and memory, and their experiences hold the key to Elodie’s survival. Forced to fight for her life, this damsel must use her wits to defeat a dragon, uncover Aurea’s past, and save not only herself, but the future of her new kingdom as well.

Review:A prince's proposal turns out to be a scam for a young woman. As it threw her into a cave with a fire-breathing dragon, she must rely solely on her wits and determination to survive.

The book had some things I liked. A lot of my favorite parts of the book were Elodie and Floria’s relationship. There is something really sweet about sibling bonds, and I really enjoyed watching the dynamic between them. It was inspiring to see Elodie’s love for her people. Active 2: Despite not always being liked by them, she displayed immense selflessness in caring for them.

The beginning of this book was rather promising. Despite coming from a poor duchy, Elodie only wants to help her people. Despite her reluctance, she accepts the marriage arrangement, which involves crops and water for her duchy for marriage. As it thrilled Elodie to have the chance to explore and save her people, something terrifying was waiting to trap her.

There are many plot holes. I won't delve into specifics to prevent spoilers, but many convenient occurrences took place. The biggest plot hole, however, is how does Aurea conceal their monstrous activities? Something widely known it throughout the kingdom, among both royals and commoners. They actively encouraged it to tell your children from a young age about the sacrifices the royals make. Despite this, trade abounds in this kingdom. People can come and go freely. I find it ridiculous that one person wouldn’t let slip what the royals do. This made reading the book more difficult.

Hopefully, the movie surpasses the book.