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Crossroad Vol. 1 review

By: Shioko Mizuki
Series: Crossroad (#1)
Summary: Kajitsu has never known a proper family. Her dad's a deadbeat and her mom changes husbands like most people change socks. Kaijitsu isn't alone in her dysfunction - Taro and Natsu, the hottie stepbrothers she hasn't seen in seven years, are also refugees from negligent parents. Abandoned by everyone but each other, the three not-quite-siblings make one last attempt at building a family. It's hard enough getting along in a home with rampant hormones and no adults, but when an unexpected bundle of joy is dropped in their laps, can they learn to be parents, too? From brand-new publisher Go! Comi, an imprint of Go! Media Entertainment.

Review: The story revolves around Kajitsu, a girl who never experienced a proper family. Because of her deadbeat father abandoning her, her mother changed husbands. Besides Kajitsu, her stepbrothers Taro and Natsu, whom she hasn't seen in seven years, are also refugees from negligent parents. When death in the family brings the siblings together, Kajitsu struggles to find her place in the family. She must rely on her strength and resilience to rebuild her family bonds and ultimately find belonging.

My feelings about this manga are mixed. It could be because of the absurdity of the situation. I'm conflicted about supporting Natsu and Kajitsu's relationship since they're not blood relatives. The parents take some highly questionable actions in the manga - it does not relate Kajitsu to Rinko; when her father got another girlfriend, he left Kajitsu with Rinko (a random woman). How did Rinko get custody of boys unrelated to her? This raises questions about the legality of the situation. It also needs to be clarified if Natsu and Kajitsu's relationship is legitimate.

The situation is even more confusing when Natsu's younger sister, Satsuki, comes into play. The situation presented Satsuki as Natsu's sister despite the absence of a blood relation to Kajitsu. There are inquiries regarding why Satsuki is now part of the family and her connection with her three siblings.

Many unanswered questions. Satsuki's arrival raises many questions and mysteries that need to be solved. It also raises questions about Natsu's past and her family dynamics. With Satsuki's arrival, Natsu's story becomes even more unpredictable, leaving us curious and intrigued.

Let's see what the next volume is. It should come with even more exciting features. I'm looking forward to seeing what new surprises are in store. Let's wait and see!